O! KULT (1982-1987)

Medvode / Slovenija (SFRJ)


We are pleased to announce a re-release of almost complete audio material recorded back in 1982/83 originally published in 1983:

(LP + CD + O! KULT fanzine) NE! Records, Sweden

1_O! Kult LP

Some 27 years after the last LP record release the legendary punk and post-industrial group O! KULT from Slovenia returns with a special limited and multi-coloured vinyl LP released in December 2013 on NE! Records (http://www.nerecords.se/) (Sweden) presenting most of groups live recordings.

O! KULT (O! CULT) was never a band that played to entertain the audience, but they force them to act and take a stand. Therefore their music can truly be called (engaging) punk. This is the one best examples of how music can enlighten people of the problems in society; therefore this is mandatory listen when it comes to ex-YU punk.
(More about O! KULT in the text on the cover, written by Igor Bašin.)
In addition, O! KULT own fanzine RAZREDNI BOJ JE EDINO GIBALO ZGODOVINE” (“Class Struggle is the Only Motive Force of History”) is now also available with LP release. It came out for the first with their only cassette that was released in 1983 – and now it’s time again!

This release looks like all other NE!records LPs: gate-fold sleeve with printed inner (inc. lyrics in english and rare photos from their first gig. 800 copies of the LP (300 black / 200 red / 200/yellow / 100 clear) and 500 come with a CD.

O! KULT officially came together on the outskirts of Ljubljana, in Medvode, exactly two years after Tito’s death, on 4 May 1982 at 3:05pm. In the same week, they had their first gig in Kočevje. In a Radio Student broadcast, Igor Vidmar called them “a new discovery of Ljubljana’s punk underground” which culminated in a concert at Novi rock ’82 (New Rock Festival). In January 1983, they played in “Dom Svobode” in Ljubljana Šentvid and recorded a live cassette “Class Struggle is the Only Motive of History“, which was later on in winter released by ŠKUC Gallery in 330 copies with a fanzine supplement.
They reached for the scissors and with the fierceness of Crass, Poison Girls, Dead Kennedys and Sham 69, cut and pasted article titles from daily newspapers and other Socialist people’s pamphlets to give them a new sharper political meaning and charge.
On the wings of leftist ideas, thoughts and demands, O! KULT were sternly and persistently breaking down the self-managing socialism doctrine. No wonder they were observed, surveilled, controlled, censored. Though they were permitted to play the songs “Thanks to Thanks” and “Comrades”(Whose?) at the then most important rock festival Novi rock ’82, the two songs were not included in the concert recording on the waves of the national Radio Ljubljana. These same songs were censored also in the second issue of ‘Punk Problemi‘, published in the same time.

Igor Vidmar wrote for the Novo Mesto Valj: “it seems rather meaningful that the large part of most recent punk creativity – now already the third generation of punk bands – plunged into a critique of bureaucracy, statism and any kind of alienation of work and self-management, a critique that was fundamental and had risen from proletarian-libertarian ideals”. (quote form text by: Igor Bašin – BIGor)

O! KULT members lineup:
1982: Andrej Petek (guitar), Brane Zorman (vocal, guitar), Bogdan Porenta (drums), Jane Černe (bass)
1983-84: Andrej Petek (guitar), Brane Zorman (vocal, guitar), Jože Hren (drums), Srečko Matovič (bass)

Additional indormation O! KULT group: https://okult.wordpress.com
Email: okult.group@gmail.com


O! KULT – izid nove vinilne single plošče! / New vinyl single release by group O! KULT

SLO: Po šestindvajsetih letih od zadnje vinilne izdaje legendarne punk in post-industrial skupine O! KULT je 25. decembra 2012 pri založbi NE! Records iz Stockholma v posebni omejeni nakladi izšla 7″ vinilna single plošča s tremi remasteriziranimi arhivskimi skladbami skupine; Mladi imajo moč (brezveze), Tovariši – Čigavi?, Za Ljudi.

ENG: 26 years after the last record release the legendary punk and post-industrial group O! KULT (Slovenia) returns with a special limited 7″ vinyl edition released on NE! records from Stockholm, holding three remastered archive tracks: Mladi imajo moč (brezveze), Tovariši – Čigavi?, Za Ljudi.

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2013-01-07 10.46.41

2013! Vrnitev črnega kvadrata v krogu / 2013! The return of a black square embeded in a circle


Vrnitev črnega kvadrata v krogu – simbola totalitarne države!
The return of a black square embeded in a circle – a symbol of a totalitarian state!
Let’s celebrate!

Več v torek jan 8. 2012
More on Tuesday Jan 8. 2012


NOW you can ORDER your COPY of O! KULT “DVD – ZA LJUDI 1982-87”. Send us an email with your location (country of destination) to: okult.group@gmail.com

We will contact you asap and calculate the p&p cost, and send you details how to order using Paypal.

The price for one DVD copy is 10€ + p&p.


„ZA LJUDI“ 1982-1987, DVD availlable on Nov 3 2008

O! KULT – „ZA LJUDI“ 1982-1987

The first and most comprehensive and up-to-date audio, video, photo and archieve material of the group O! KULT collected ever on  a single media and DVD. (Produced and released by Cona, 2008).

The O! KULT – „ZA LJUDI“ 1982-1987 release and promotional event took place in ŠKUC Gallery, Stari Trg 21, Ljubljana – Slovenia on Monday November 3 2008 at 7pm.

The DVD O! KULT – „ZA LJUDI“ 1982-1987 is available for order via mail order.

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Intoduction to: O! KULT / Institution O! KULT

O! KULT and Institution O! KULT

O! KULT was first of all an uncompromisingly direct and politically engaged punk group. It was active from 1982 to 1986. Because of its political engagement, the group O! KULT was one of the more censored and controlled groups in the then Socialist Republic of Slovenian as well as of Yugoslavia.
The activity of O! KULT can be divided into two parts, according to their style and content:
–    punk phase
–    post industrial phase, when the group changes its name into: Institution O! KULT

O! KULT was established on May 4 1982 at 3:05pm, on the second anniversary of the death of the president of the then Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, marshal Tito. The group emerged and was active in Medvode near Ljubljana.


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MP3 Audio Selection – listen & download

Here you can find a selection of tracks published on a O! KULT – „ZA LJUDI“ 1982-1987 DVD!

All O! KULT mp37s are free to download and all tracks have ID tags embeded.

Audio, video, photo materials published on this site are licenced to you under Creative Commons Licence – please read it before using!

O! KULT punk phase:

TOVARIŠI – ČIGAVI? (studio version)

ZA LJUDI (studio version)

KULT (live 1983)

DISKO OBJEKT (live 1983)

MANIPULACIJA (live 1983)



TOVARIŠI – ČIGAVI? (live 1982)

VOLI! – BODOCNOST (live 1983)


Institution O! KULT Post – industrial phase:


NO TOLERANCE (studio, 1985)